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Size: 80x40cm. Unique piece.

Hand-signed painting on canvas with real wood frame. Suspension element and certificate.

Motive: Boeing Stearman

Limited special edition. Only 8 pieces available worldwide.

Note: This product is an exhibit.

  • 2 - 4 working days within Germany

    4 - 10 working days within EU

    10 - 20 working days worldwide

  • The aircraft shown here (Boeing Stearman PT17 with an incredible 450 hp) is piloted by former wingwalker Peggy Walentin. Up until 2016 she had completed countless air shows as a stunt woman on the wings of her classic car. She was the only wingwalker in Germany.

    In the meantime, the likeable pilot is back at the wheel of her machine herself. On a professional level, Peggy is currently working on a new film project ( She is also a welcome guest at top-class events and holds professional motivational seminars.

    The painting was hand-signed at the AERO trade fair 2017 in Friedrichshafen.


Hahnweide Aviation


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