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  1. Digitally painted. Print on brushed aluminium.

  • Instead of the white colour, the structure of the aluminium comes to light and creates an incomparable impression.

  • Note: This is a unique art print. This means that this painting is sold only once.

  1. Acrylic painting in popular media mix technique. Brilliant luminosity and tangible 3D structures through hand-painted color application. Each painting is unique.


The indicated prices are final prices and are correct according to the format, calculated from the total area of the painting.  They include:

  • Professional print on brushed aluminium with excellent colour reproduction. On the otherwise white surfaces the aluminium shines through -> an absolute eye-catcher!

  • Each painting is provided with a protective lacquer to counteract light aging. Thus it is additionally protected against environmental influences, dust, scratches and humidity. 

  • Choose between a gallery painting or your own motif based on a photo template.  

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: You may make changes until the final design meets your expectations. 100% security: If you do not like the designs we will refund your deposit (2). Fastening elements as well as hanging instructions for multi-partitions (for offset elements) are included.

  • The delivery includes aluminium hangers or hanger frames (for large formats)

  • Hanging instructions for multi-partitions are supplied.

  • Colour advice & ambient service, if desired. 

Brushed Aluminum 

* Multi-part painting

Delivery times + charges
  • For gallery paintings, executed as unique art print, approx. 10 working days are required for production & shipping (within Germany).

  • Exhibits, which are in stock, can be delivered within 4-5 working days.

  • Hand painted acrylic paintings need about 8-10 weeks for processing and shipping.

  • Commissioned work according to your own motif by individual arrangement.



  • All above mentioned prices include value added tax (D) plus flat-rate shipping costs. We ship exclusively insured goods.

(1) Placing of order and down payment

For commissioned work we charge a deposit of 500€ as a flat rate. This is due immediately after the customer has placed the order. After successful receipt of payment we start with the designs.


(2) 100% satisfaction guarantee

You are allowed to make changes until you are 100% satisfied with your painting. If none of the designs should suit you, we will transfer the deposit minus a small handling fee (3) to an account of your choosing. 

(3) Handling charges


For each aborted order, the processing fee is a flat rate of 50€ plus any bank charges incurred by the company during payment transactions (e.g. through Paypal or credit card payments). The bank fees can be avoided if payments are made by bank transfer.


(4) Fastening elements

Depending on the largest side length of the aluminium painting:


  • up to 140cm --> 2x aluminium sheets, self-adhesive + spacer 

  • larger than 140cm --> circumferential aluminium frame, completely assembled

Last update: 20.02.2020



brushed aluminium

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