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ABOUT THE PAINTINGS von Pilotessadesign


We transform your dreams into OUTSTANDING PIECES OF ART


The avionistic style of Pilotessadesign is unique and recognizable worldwide. The expressive paintings are desired by enthusiasts at home and abroad. Already on FIVE continents, these works are decorating private and public institutions. We can proudly say that the satisfaction rate of our customers is 100%.


You will receive unique and individual paintings created with passion and enthusiasm. Your own motifs based on photographs are very welcome! We look forward to include all your wishes regarding layout and colour design.



It is important to us to create positive thoughts and emotions whenever you look at your new painting. If you wish, we can include very private details in your artwork, which should remind you of beautiful places, encounters and/or experiences. We would be happy to advise you personally.


The colouring also plays a major role. Especially the yellow-red-orange shades have a very mood-lifting and stimulating effect. The rather cool blue and green tones form a harmonious contrast. To make sure that your new painting fits perfectly into your own living space, we would like to draw your attention to our ambience service.




Nothing is worse than an artist who has no real relationship to his motif. Especially in aviation this plays a big role. Just imagine a plane painted in a climb would have a fully depressed elevator. Or: The rudder of an aircraft in a curve would have deflected in the opposite direction... Such gross errors can occur if the aircraft in the original photo was shown in a different flight attitude or was even in a parking position.  Would you want to hang something like this in your living room?


The artist, on the other hand, knows what is important for her motifs. She brings these three fundamental prerequisites with her:



Completed engineering studies (mechanical design)

Decades of experience as a development engineer / project manager in automotive engineering



Passionate pilot

Lover of vintage aircraft and automobiles / sports cars



More than 3,000 flying hours in gliding and multiple champions (see info block "THE ARTIST").

Private pilot licenses for gliding, motor gliders and microlight aircraft


  • Only high-quality materials are used for the production of the artworks:

  • The gallery frames of the natural fibre canvas are made of solid and distortion-free real wood, which comes from sustainable cultivation. 

  • Only highly pigmented and lightfast colours are used

  • Finally, a firnes with double UV protection is always used. Thus the colours are shown to their best advantage. 

  • The complete production is 100% "Made in Germany".

  • We attach great importance to the fact that our paintings do not contain any harmful substances​





Our acrylic paintings in media-mix-technique have a striking 3D-effect and possess outstanding luminosity. The effect is simply stunning - you will be thrilled! In our gallery they are marked with the quality mark "Acrylic - Hand painted".


  • Acrylic painting / Acrylic painting

  • Billante highlights with gold and metallic colours.

  • Mounted on canvas / wrapped canvas on stretcher bars (wrapped around the back)

  • 4cm real wood - gallery frame / 4cm wood frame

  • Preassembled suspension elements / Ready to hang

  • Included a certificate of authenticity




Farben & Lebensdauer
Einzigartiger Stil
Digitale Paintings
  • Digital Paintings - they are the origin of the avionistic paintings of Pilotessadesign. At the same time they serve as a model for our hand-painted acrylic paintings.

  • Just as with the traditional technique, the artist draws by hand. However, the background is not a canvas, but a highly sensitive graphic tablet on which special pens are used to paint. By means of digital painting programs, different types of brushes can be simulated, so that in the final result, the impression is actually created that this painting was painted on canvas with real bristle brushes.

  • The advantage of this type of painting is that any changes can be made at any time without having to discard the work. This is especially true for the final color matching, in order to adapt the painting perfectly to your personal living space. 

  • For your commissioned work you can always choose between unique art prints and hand-painted acrylic paintings.  



Whether canvas, brushed aluminium or very large on PVC foil. Here you will find a description of the available basic media.



Und noch einen Vorteil bietet das digital Painting: wenn Ihr Gemälde eventuell beschädigt oder gestohlen wird, bieten wir Ihnen die Möglichkeit, ein Duplikat zu erwerben. Wir speichern alle unsere verkauften Werke für 10 Jahre in einer Datenbank. Im Falle eines Versicherungsschadens bieten wir Ihnen diesen Service an.  Ihr Echtheitszertifikats sowie ein Nachweis über die Beschädigung oder den Verlust des Kunstwerks bildet die Grundvoraussetzung für eine Reproduktion. (gilt nicht für Acrylgemälde!)





As documentation of the acquisition of an original, you will receive a hand-signed certificate of authenticity from the artist, on which all relevant data about the work of art is stored.


Please keep this well, as you may need the certificate number to make a duplicate in case of an insurance claim.


In the case of multi-part pictures, you will also receive instructions on the correct positioning of the picture elements.


All motifs shown are an original pilot design with signature of the artist. The majority of the gallery paintings are offered as unique specimens.

Limited Edition




A few selected motifs can also be purchased as a special limited edition at a lower price. These are marked with the note "Limited Edition".


If you wish, we offer you the possibility to create your order painting as a limited special edition. This offer is especially suitable for company owners who would like to make a special gift to their customers on festive occasions. We would be pleased to make you an offer for your order.



Colour deviations from the original are technically possible. We always try to reproduce the painting as true to the original as possible. Due to the digitalisation of the photos, colours may change and differ from the original in the presentation on the internet. 


Please note that each acrylic painting is painted by hand and is therefore unique. Although motive and colouring are very similar, each work of art has its individual recognition value.


Exceptions are our illustrated exhibits and the unique art prints. Depending on the setting of your monitor, slight colour deviations may occur here as well.  We ask you to take this into account.


In case of doubt, it is recommended that you view on different screens before you buy a painting. However, we are pleased that we regularly receive extremely positive feedback from our customers in this regard, which suggests that the works are often even more impressive and expressive in reality than can be displayed digitally.



Worldwide shipping via credit card, PayPal or bank transfer to a German account is possible. We ship the paintings only as insured parcel.


If the shipment is lost or damaged during shipping, we will refund the purchase price fully. The costs for the insured shipping are paid by the customer.


Click here for our shipping rates.



  • The trademark Pilotessadesign is registered at the German Patent Office.

  • We expressly point out that the works of art shown here, as well as other photographic images, are intellectual as well as material property and are subject to copyright protection according to UhrG.

  • Any plagiarism and imitations are inadmissible and will be prosecuted by us.

  • All paintings by Pilotessadesign - no matter if gallery pictures or paintings according to own motives - are custom-made. Therefore, the buyer can only use his legal right of withdrawal according to § 355 BGB until we have confirmed the order. More detailed information can be found in our AGB.



We offer you the possibility to send us a digital template of your living room / workplace. We will then insert the corresponding motif in approximate size into your ambience, so that you can better imagine the effect of the painting. This service is free of charge for you!



We offer you a 100& satisfaction guarantee.


In the case of commissioned work, the digital artwork only starts production (printing) when your wishes have been fully implemented. If you are not satisfied, you have the possibility to terminate the purchase contract and reclaim your deposit until the printing process is approved. Please see our price list for more detailed information about deposit and fees.



Since the foundation of Pilotessadesign, the value of the paintings has increased more than 5 times due to their success and the high demand. With these paintings you acquire a real investment.


Disadvantage: Due to the increased demand, longer waiting times for commissioned work may occur. Please ask for our current delivery times in advance. Many thanks!

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