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The avionistic* style of PILOTESSADESIGN is easily recognizable: Mostly painted with powerful, expressive colours, but also in an antique touch with muted tones. They all have the same goal: to perfectly stage their motif - preferably from aviation. The division of the paintings into different pictorial elements is also rather unusual. They create a unique effect of the total work of art and are a further distinguishing feature.

But who is actually behind PILOTESSADESIGN? And what kind of painting is it?


* avionistic = aviation-related, derived from Aviation (aviation)



Passion meets Art

The choice of the name and the fact that about 80% of the PILOTESSADESIGN artwork gallery shows exclusively aircraft, suggest that this is not an "ordinary" street artist. No, it rather seems to be a person who clearly has a weakness for airplanes. And not only that: PILOTESSADESIGN obviously has a passion for flying. The artist Kathrin Wötzel had already sniffed a lot of airfield air in early childhood. Growing up in an aviator family, she began her flying career in gliding at the young age of 13...

Spitfire, Mustang & Fokker DR 1

But it does not always have to be silent: Motor gliders and microlight aircraft may also be piloted by Kathrin Wötzel. Apart from competition flying, she is particularly fascinated by vintage aircraft. Numerous paintings, such as Spitfire, Mustang, P51, ME109 or Fokker DR1, can be found in her art gallery. The enthusiasm for this type of aircraft is a result of her membership in the Wolf Hirth aviation group. The association of the "Flying city Kirchheim Teck" regularly invites to the big oldtimer aviation meeting on the Hahnweide. A traditional event which, with over 400 exhibited aircraft and a 3-day airshow, has been one of the most important vintage aviation events in Europe for years. Even rarities such as the oldest airworthy model, the Bleriot XI, continue to inspire with their spectacular flight demonstrations. Anyone who comes to the stand of the pilot support team there will have the opportunity to get to know the artist personally, among other things.

Digital paintings

But back to the paintings: Modern technology preferred! Not only in her professional life the graduate engineer focuses on the implementation of design with the help of computer technology. Kathrin Wötzel now also designs her paintings entirely on the PC using a highly sensitive graphics tablet and digital brush. She justifies the advantage of digital painting by the fact that even after the work has been created, changes can be incorporated without having to discard the work. This applies in particular to the division of the picture elements and the individual colour matching in order to adapt the painting perfectly to its future "living space".


How are these works of art created?

Basis of all paintings are one or more photos of the desired object. These are artistically realized according to the ideas of the client. As a customer you will receive different designs to choose from according to your wishes. Only if you like the painting to 100%, it will be produced. Optionally, acrylic colours are used later on the print. This is then called "media mix technique".

Printing (Made in Germany) is done with the most modern technology. Highly pigmented colours are combined with professional artist canvas. Afterwards a double protective layer (UV-varnish) is applied, which prevents fading of the colour pigments, seals the surface and maintains the brilliance of the colours even after years. At the same time, the work of art is protected from dust, scratches and splash water.

Unique Paintings ore special Limited editions

Most canvas paintings, whether a commissioned work or from the Artwork Gallery of Pilotessadesign, are unique. Only a few paintings are sold as special limited edition. A certificate of authenticity with all relevant data completes your new art object.

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