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Hommage of Airberlin by Pilotessadesign

On October 27, 2017 the last flight of AIRBERLIN took off, marking the disappearance of this traditional airline with its lovely red chocolate hearts after 38 years.

The tribute from Pilotessadesign is dedicated especially to the employees who have made this airline so special over the years.


In the past few months in particular, I have had great admiration for them. Despite the constant flight cancellations and the resulting annoyed passengers, they have had to put on a good face and put up a bad show. They did it brilliantly until the last minute and never forgot to smile! It was always something special to fly with AIRBERLIN. Thank you and BYE BYE.

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Your Pilotessa

The artist Kathrin Wötzel, herself a passionate pilot, has taken the event as an opportunity to summarize emotions and snapshots of the recently disappeared Berlin flight era in a unique painting. Step into the world of Pilotessadesign! Let you explain here and now the lovingly designed details that make this painting a real homage.

buntes Logo


The focus of the painting represents a departing AIRBERLIN plane taking off from its home airport Berlin-Tegel (1). The airport was drawn by hand sketch.

Letzter Flug Air Berlin
Air Berlin Schokoherzchen
Berliner Fernsehturm
Erstflug Airberlin
Berliner Wappen

On the wing, the first flight (2) of the airline, including the former logo, is painted on the left of the picture.


Right under the wing (3) is the Date of the last flight including flight number and route.


In the background, the Berlin television tower (4) appears as a landmark of Berlin.


The Berlin emblem (5) is also displayed.


To express the love for the airline, a lettering (6) was designed, which symbolically represents the red AIRBERLIN heart. Text: "Airline with heart" and below it "1979-2017". To the right of it a commercial airliner rising into the sky.


Of course the real red chocolate hearts (7), which we as passengers loved so much, should not be missing.


The artwork is surrounded by inserted newspaper articles (8) from the good old days, published by: "Der Spiegel", "Die Welt", "Berliner Zeitung", "Berliner Morgenpost", "Wallstreet-online".


The coloured lettering "airberlin" (9) completes the painting.

In a variation of the original painting, the "Spirit of Airberlin", the red bar (right side) lists all AIRBERLIN destinations ever flown to by Berlin-Tegel.

Details of AirBerlin painting
Airline mit Herz
Der Spiegel 2007

Our painting is available in four variations and as a vintage postcard.

You can get an overview HERE.

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