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The most effective way to do it,


Amelia Earhart

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Amelia Earhart

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"Der effektivste Weg etwas zu tun, ist




The avionistic style of Pilotessadesign is unique and recognizable worldwide. The paintings are in high demand at national and international level and have already been sold on 5 continents. We can proudly say that the satisfaction rate of our customers is 100%.

Pilotessadesign is specialized in objects from the aviation and automotive sector. You can choose between a fully digital painting or an acrylic painting in media mix technique. Commissioned works based on photographs are very welcome.

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The pictures are created either on artist canvas, brushed aluminium or behind acrylic glass. In addition to exhibited commissioned works, you will find unique pieces from Boeing Stearman, P51 Mustang, FW 190, Messerschmitt ME 109 as well as various gliders, ultralights and jets. Also famous sports car brands like Ferrari are represented. Be inspired by the unique paintings from our art gallery.

Own designer collection
Do 27 Collection

Together with our partner shop we offer you high-quality clothing & accessories with unique motifs from aviation. Designed for pilots & aviation enthusiasts men & women. We have even created our own collection for gliders.


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Our own designer collection
PILOTeur - Fashion for Pilots

Brand new arrived in our shop: the DO27 collection:

Aviator cup with panorama print, personalized with YOUR NAME! The matching coaster and a beautiful greeting card can be ordered optionally. Everything is perfectly coordinated. Almost too beautiful to give away. Look at it right away. Click here for the shop.